Conference: SynBio UK

Nick and Paul travelled to Nottingham for the Synthetic Biology UK conference. Nick presented on our barcoded transposon library in Cupriavidus. Paul presented on our various approaches to enhancing CO2 fixation in cyanobacteria.

Nick SynBiol UK Nick winning fans in Nottingham

New Publication: Enzyme essentiality and usage in an industrial chemolithoautotroph

Michael's paper, Protein allocation and utilization in the versatile chemolithoautotroph Cupriavidus necator was accepted in eLife. The paper explores enzyme expression and essentiality in Cupriavidus necator, grown in different conditions. This strain is of industrial interest since it can produce the bioplastic PHB from a range of substrates, including H2+CO2 and formate, a C1 chemical that can be produced from electricity and CO2. A main finding of the paper is that many enzymes are underutilized, as they are in abundance or excess even when not needed. For example, the Calvin cycle is expressed even during growth on sugar. This may be a way for this soil bacterium to quickly adapt to changing nutrient conditions. The list of essential genes in multiple growth conditions will also be useful for others working on this promising strain.

New Publication: Cycling between growth and synthesis increases bioproduction from cyanobacteria

Kiyan's paper, Cycling between growth and production phases increases cyanobacteria bioproduction of lactate was published in Metabolic Engineering. The paper presents a strategy for increasing productivity of cyanobacteria by controlling when and how much of fixed CO2 is diverted to product biosynthesis instead of cell growth. Up to 90% of fixed CO2 could be converted to lactate using a CRISPR interference metabolic switch. Oscillating this switch allowed cells to cycle between growth and product synthesis, resulting in a 3-fold higher overall product titer comparaed to when no switch was present.

Growth arrest cycling icon

Presentation: 10th Int. CeBiTec Research Conference Bielefeld

Paul presented at the CeBiTec Research Conference in Bielefeld. The theme of this yaers conference was "Prospects and challenges for the development of algal biotechnology." This was the first in-person conference in 1.5 years!

15th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress in Gothenburg 05-08 October 2021

Check out and register to attend the 15th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress in Gothenburg! The theme is, "Capturing light to power the planet." This will be a great conference about various aspects of photosynthesis, including metabolic engineering of plants and cyanobacteria! Paul is helping to organize along with Cornelia Spetea-Wiklund (Gothenburg University) and Alexey Amunts (Stockholm University). We have a fantastic invited speaker lineup from all over Europe, and we will select about 20 abstracts to give talks. The meeting is NOT restricted to just the Nordics! See the attached flyer. Registration deadline is 15 August. The event will be in person!



Welcome Ute Hoffmann and two master students

We welcome Ute Hoffman as a new post-doc! Ute did her Ph.D. in Freiburg with Annegret Wilde.

We also welcome Axel Knave and Amina Bensabra, two KTH students who will do their masters thesis work with us. Axel will work with Rui and Amina with Elias.

Jan Karlsen, Ph.D.

Jan successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis,Systems biology techniques show high prevalence of post-translational regulation in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803. The defense was held over Zoom. Jan and the committee discussed pH control of turbidostats, quantifying proteins, riboswitches, and what it all can mean for scaling up cultures of microalgae. The opponent was Professor Martin Hagemann of University Rostock, and the committee was Christiane Funk of Umeå University, Pauli Kallio of University Turku, and Stephan Klähn of UFZ Leipzig. Congratulations Jan!

Jan defense Jan thesis cover

Markus Janasch, Ph.D.

Markus successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, titled, On thermodynamic and kinetic constraints in autotrophic metabolism. The defense was held in person at SciLifeLab. The opponent was Professor Bas Teusink of Vrije University Netherlands, and the committee was Marija Cvijovic of Gothenburg University, Kirstin Gutekunst of University Kassel, and Daniel Machado of NTNU Trondheim. The defense featured discussion about metabolic control theory, different model types, cyanobacteria metabolism, and the definition of cell, "fitness." Thanks to the committee, and congratulations to Markus!

Markus disputation

Markus pingis

Markus party

Welcome Elias Englund as Post-Doc

Elias Englund joined our lab in Stockholm as a post-doc, funded by his Formas post-doc grant. Elias did his Ph.D. in Uppsala with Peter Lindblad, then moved to UC Berkeley to do post-doc under Jay Keasling.

Welcome Anna Karlsson as Ph.D. student

Anna Karlsson has joined the group as our newest Ph.D. student. Anna is from Stockholm and did her undergradate degree in Biotechnology at KTH. Anna is co-advised by Fredrik Edfors, Rui Miao, and Åsa Strand (Umeå). She will work on various projects centered around post-translational regulation of the Calvin cycle in plant.